4 Top Destinations to Volunteer Abroad

4 Top Destinations to Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad has remained one of the easiest ways to give back to less fortunate communities. Unlike the volunteers of old days who had to grapple with insecurity, poor infrastructure and communication, it is now possible to volunteer and at the same time have fun while at it. Volunteering is self-fulfilling and you get a chance to learn more about new cultures and languages. Better still, it is a great boost to your resume.

If you are planning to volunteer abroad, you are most likely confounded by the large number of destinations you can choose from. Every program has tens of destinations, some of which you have never heard about. However, there are some ideas you can borrow from other volunteers in order to make the right decision. Here are just a few:

Area of Interest to Volunteer Abroad

Different volunteering programs focus on varied societal issues. Some focus on environmental projects in order to conserve communities whose cultures and ways of life are under threat. You can also choose a social program if you are more inclined towards dealing with communities to improve lives economically. You can also solely focus on women or child empowerment, but it all depends on your background in these areas. This will help you find the right destination that offers such opportunities.

Immerse Yourself in African Culture When You Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana is one of the most stable counties in Ghana and it is no wonder most volunteers find it as a good volunteering destination. The history of Ghana is rich and the communities still respect this rich heritage. You will find a chance to learn about traditional practices that are still practiced today. From unique beauty practices, traditional foods, exotic wildlife, love for soccer and a friendly people, Ghana is the dream of every volunteer.

Volunteer in Costa Rica and Explore

Costa Rica is one of the top global tourist attractions. Volunteer in Costa Rica have the opportunity to give back to the community and still enjoy some of the top destinations including national parks, breathtaking beaches, volcanoes, cloud forests, water sports and much more.

Volunteer in Thailand and Enjoy Centuries Rich Culture

Thailand is the jewel of Southeast Asia and a dream for every volunteer. When you volunteer in Thailand, you will not only have a chance to immerse yourself in one of the best kept cultures but some of the top tourist destinations. The beaches are awe inspiring and the markets are just amazing. There are cooking and jewelry lessons, which you can attend during free time, hiking opportunities, national parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites and much more.